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Heavy duty plastic frame with double lens magnifying system. Black frame with black adjusting cogs on temples, and clear lens casing.


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Eschenbach's maxTV provides magnification with relaxed viewing at any distance through individual focusing of each lens, it features:

- Aspheric PXM lightweight lens for a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness 

- Adjustable temples preventing maxTV from slipping during use (temples can be adjusted without being warmed)

- Extremely comfortable to wear

- Easy adjustment of dioptre compensation: ± 3 dpt , right/left can be separately adjusted (cylinder adjustment not possible)

- PD range: 60 to 68 mm

- 2.1 X lens

- Main distance of use: 3 m 

- Supplied with harm foam case

- Ideal for reading subtitles and all text on the screen

- Large visual field of 18°

- Can be used as a speical low vision aid which will double the size of a television screen